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Legacy Products Thread :: digitech rp7 some of the patches are not functioning 

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digitech rp7 some of the patches are not functioning


hi guys !
i did get my other problems sorted out with my rp7 switches and stomp pedals but still haven't been able to get some of my patches to work does anyone know what might be the promblem?i got a boss gt6 and the digitech distortion just blows that away these rp valve processor might be old but the kick ass.






Re: digitech rp7 some of the patches are not functioning


I made the same mistake.. Bought the Boss GT-6 after reading all the hype about the unit and find it terrible sounding at loud volumes.. The RP-7 is definatly superiour with the 12AX7 preamp tube.. The GT-6 is SCRAP and I've been working with it for months now and can't get the sound I need.. I'll probably trade it for another RP-7 to have for a spare... As far as patches not working, did you try to copy them to another bank ?? Is it the entire patch or some effects that are not respondidng.. With the one I have ,it just stops putting out any sound at all, only once and a wile, then I unplug it and it works fine after repower...

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