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RP355 Thread :: Easy convert RP350 to RP355 patches 

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member since: 03/10/2010
messages: 1


Easy convert RP350 to RP355 patches


I found out it is in fact easy to convert the old RP 350 patches to the new RP 355 patches.
What you have to do is download your favorite RP 350 patch,
open it with a wordpad-like application,
now you can see the second line of the program, (after the "smaller than"-sign) says:


just change 350 to 355 so it says:


now do the same for the very last line in the program:




Then save the preset as a file with the extension:


(instead of .rp350p)

Open it in X-edit and riff away!

This will work on most patches, but on some you'll get an error message. You can still read all the parameters in the old RP 350 patch and input them by hand if you have the time.

Tell me if it works for you too!


member since: 08/13/2009
messages: 272


Re: Easy convert RP350 to RP355 patches


Yes many people have known how to do this for a long time as it also worked with previous DigiTech products, but thanks for sharing the info and kudos for figuring it out on your own! I did the same several years back when my prying eyes couldn't help themselved to try and open up DT patch files with a text editor.

Here is an even easier way to do the same thing and it will also work for most patches even from the RP500 and RP1000 (as long as they use the same models/amps/etc) and will automatically convert patches FROM any other RP unit TO any other RP unit, including the 355.


It is called RPXplor and it lets you "explore" patches from the RP 150/155. 250/255, 350/355, 500, 1000 and also convert (filter) them into the desired format. Very nice because it means we now have access to a huge library of patches available in the other sections here on this site.


member since: 02/16/2010
messages: 1


Re: Easy convert RP350 to RP355 patches


Thanks for posting this. I just got my pedal and I was just starting to think about using RP350 patches. I contacted Digitech Tech Support and they did not provide me with a solution only that they are not compatible. Thanks, again.


member since: 09/08/2007
messages: 578


Re: Easy convert RP350 to RP355 patches


Its funny how changing 2 lines and the file extension equals not compatible and unconvertable to digitech. They have been saying this about every unit since the RP500 came out but they are all convertable to some degree.

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